"Game Of Thrones" Cast Reveals Awkward Fan Encounters (x)

I’ve recently read an article where Kit Harington said he wants to see more male nudity on the show.

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That’s Lyanna, my father’s sister. King Robert was supposed to marry her, but Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped her. Robert started a war to win her back, he killed Rhaegar, but she died anyway.


 ”You  saw her   beauty, but  not the    iron underneath.”

        (beautiful   and    willful       and dead before her time) 


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my bloody honour is beyond repair.

Pedro, Gwendoline and Nikolaj at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

Daenerys Targaryen meme + (2/6) traits or emotions ► 500% done with your shit

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Margaery Tyrell + tumblr text posts

brace yourselves… w i n t e r   i s   c o m i n g

Lannister costums porn